Watersongs: Flowing from Seas and Rivers

Nancy Raven’s

Watersongs: Flowing from Seas & Rivers

Available through the iTunes Music Store. (You can download iTunes for Mac or PC here.)

This is a collection of watersongs from around the world. Some are traditional work songs, some are sweet lullabies, and some are just for fun. Many of the songs are ones Nancy has sung to children for fifty years. Just imagine what fun it was to put this all together for you.

Nancy Raven has been singing folksongs from around the world for fifty years at school assemblies, libraries, preschools, radio and TV. In 2003 she completed an award winning video series for Public Access TV. Her many award-winning LPs and cassettes have recently been released on CD.

Nancy held a CD release party for Watersongs 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Saturday, June 10, at the Monterey Maritime and History Museum, 5 Custom House Plaza, in downtown Monterey. Hope you were able to be there!

Musicians and helpers

Nancy wants to thank her generous friends for their help with the music, with an especially big hug for Steve Mortensen … an amazing engineer, musician, ear, and friend who kept us going.

  • Nancy Raven: vocals, guitar, cuatro, accordian, harmonica, ipu, ganza.
  • Pat Clark: mandolin, banjo, fiddle.
  • Anne Downs: mandolin, banjo.
  • Steve Mortensen: vocals, guitars, keyboards.
  • Bob Hobbs: percussion, foghorn, waterphone, didgeridoo, sound effects.
  • Lichi Fuentes: vocal, Rivers of Texas.
  • Donna Viscuso: harmonica, Rivers of Texas.
  • Bradley Williams: accordian, Rivers of Texas.
  • Richard Rosen: harmonica.
  • Mark Sherman: banjo, Gum Tree Canoe.
  • Dixie Dixon: harmonies.
  • Chorus Voices: Nancy, Anne, Pat, Bob, Steve.
  • CD Title: Daniel Dixon.
  • Engineer: Steve Mortensen.
  • Artwork: Susan Dorf.
  • Insert Layout: Steve Zmak.
  • Typing: Greg & Laura Raven.

Song list

  1. Sardines, Hey!! — Traditional African American
  2. Rivers of Texas — Traditional U.S.
  3. Talking Nautical — Sam Hinton
  4. Squid Jiggin’ Ground — Arthur R. Scammell
  5. Dance To Your Daddy — Traditional U.S.
  6. John Kanaka — Traditional Polynesia, Hawaii, Samoa
  7. Mingulay Boat Song — Traditional Hebrides Island
  8. Emily Fish — Traditional U.S.
  9. I’ze the B’yChin music Ireland, Newfoundland
  10. Gum Tree Canoe — Traditional Australia
  11. Donkey Riding (Hieland Laddie) — Traditional Scottish Capstan
  12. Abalone Song — Traditional U.S.
  13. Hawaiian Rowing Song — Traditional Hawaii
  14. Geoduck Song — Traditional U.S.
  15. Father’s Gone to Sea — Traditional Ireland
  16. Cape Cod Girls — Traditional South Australia
  17. I Catch-A-Da-Fish — Traditional Italy
  18. Hushabye — Traditional England
  19. Banks of the Sacramento — California Capstan Shanty
  20. Fishy Fishy — Traditional U.S.

Total time: 50:16

Available through the iTunes Music Store. (You can download iTunes for Mac or PC here.)

See the lyrics here.

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