Nancy Raven: Watersongs — Flowing from Seas and Rivers. A worldwide collection for kids.

In this wonderful collection of water songs, Nancy Raven brings us samples from the Hebrides Islands, Newfoundland, Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, Australia, Samoa, Canada, Hawaii, and 8 of other US origin. There are songs of work, lullabies, sea songs, some stories, and several for fun such as the Geoduck Song which in my opinion simply can’t be beat.

Having sung a lot for the very young in her 50-year career as a performer, you can be assured that this selection emphasizes singalongs for kids as specified in the title. Not that adults will be able to resist the urge to sing here with Nancy and her friends. Those friends include Pat Clark on mandolin, banjo and fiddle; Ann Downs, mandolin, banjo; Steve Mortensen, vocals, guitars, keyboards; Bob Hobbs, percussion, foghorn, waterphone, didgeridoo, sound effects; Lichi Fuentes, vocal; Donna Viscuso, harmonica; Bradley Williams, accordion; Richard Rosen, harmonica; Mark Sherman, banjo; and Dixi Dixon, harmonies.

When good friends and good musicians sing and play together the result is more than just good listening. The spirit of doing what is enjoyed and makes life worthwhile comes through. Our recommendation is to get this CD and join in the fun, not just get it for your kids, grandkids, and other kids’ birthdays (though those are highly recommended too!) but for yourselves and friends.

Nancy, formerly of Oakland, now lives in Monterey and continues to sing for and with children and adults wherever possible. Most of her many earlier recordings have been made into CDs, available through Nancy’s website […].

Faith Petric

The Folknik
Volume XLIII, Number 4
July/August 2007
Page 4