A Postal Journey

Discovering Nevada Through Its Post Offices

by Nancy Raven

Upon her arrival in Nevada from Monterey, California, Nancy pondered the best way to explore this interesting state she now calls home. A friend suggested she travel the state photographing each town, which Nancy refined to Nevada’s post offices. In the following months, her quest took her to every corner of Nevada, with her photographs and research blossoming into this beautifully illustrated and informative book.

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Anita Kornoff, Record-Courier

Photos of post offices past and present, anecdotal stories from along the way, and images of those people who make up rural Nevada are woven together in a thoroughly enjoyable tale.

Nevada magazine

A Postal Journey: Discovering Nevada Through Its Post Offices
96 pages
11¼″ wide × 8½″ tall
Quality trade paperback (softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-64204-450-8 $25 (plus $6 shipping and handling)

About the author

Educator, musician, artist, and camp director Nancy Raven has been shooting things her entire adult life, from family to still lifes. Nancy is a second generation Californian, living in Carson Valley (Nevada).